• Your Absence - There is no refund if the lesson is canceled without notice (no show), or less than 24 hours’ notice.

  • My Absence - At times I may have to cancel a lesson. I will do my best to make this cancelation prior to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time.

  • Illness or Emergencies - It happens and I'm happy to reschedule, though please let me know at your earliest convenience.

  • Rescheduling lessons: If you need to change a lesson time for a particular week, please let me know in advance. 

Recording a lesson

  • Students & Parents may record their lessons in order to make practice easier and smoother at home. 

  • All ZOOM lessons may be recorded.

Terminating lessons

  • Students who wish to terminate lessons must give at least 2 weeks notice.



  • I would appreciate students arriving about 5 minutes before their lesson time in order to unpack and be ready to go.


  • "STRIVE for FIVE" days a week of practice or more! 

  • Home practice should be equivalent to the lesson length, if not more! 


  • Performing experience is crucial to a child's (or adult's) progress and creates goals to work towards! Recital performances occur twice a year and are highly encouraged. 


  • Payments are billed monthly and are due prior to the first lesson of each month. 


  • Masks are currently required for in-person lessons.



  • Families will not hold Stephanie Chen liable for injury or damage to while at her house.