• Your Absence - There is no refund if the lesson is canceled without notice (no show), or less than 24 hours’ notice. Please be respectful of my time that has been blocked out for you or your child's lesson and do NOT ask for a makeup lesson or a payment credit. 

  • My Absence - If I cancel a lesson, I will schedule a makeup lesson. 

  • Illness or Emergencies - It happens and I'm happy to reschedule, though please let me know at your earliest convenience. *Due to Covid-19, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up. Please do not attend the lesson if you or your child are feeling ill.

  • Rescheduling lessons: If you need to change a lesson time for a particular week, please let me know in advance. 

Recording a lesson

  • Students & Parents may record their lessons in order to make practice easier and smoother at home. 

  • All ZOOM lessons may be recorded.

Parent Involvement

  • Parents are required to stay for their child's lesson and take notes, as well as practice with their child at home. 

Terminating lessons

  • Students who wish to terminate lessons are encouraged to do so at the end of the semester and should let me know 2 weeks prior. 


  • I would appreciate students arriving about 5 minutes before their lesson time in order to unpack and be ready to go.


  • "STRIVE for FIVE" days a week of practice or more! 

  • Home practice should be equivalent to the lesson length, if not more! 


  • Performing experience is crucial to a child's (or adult's) progress and creates goals to work towards!

  • Recital performances occur twice a year and are highly encouraged. 


  • Payments are billed monthly and are due prior to the first lesson of each month. 

  • Please note that tuition will increase every 1-2 years due to inflation


  • Masks are optional for in-person lessons but are encouraged. 



  • Families will not hold Stephanie Chen liable for injury or damage to while at her house.